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Tue. Nov 28th, 2023

Chapter 1; Half 1

I’m an harmless sufferer who has been infested with Morgellons by some very merciless and psychopathic people. Morgellons, it seems, are unknown to the final inhabitants. As a person citizen of the USA of America, whereas present process this excessive trauma, I have not had alternative to do detective work to pinpoint whether or not there exists categorised data. My principle is that the morgellon venture is a prime secret and unlawful operation which many have invested in closely. In truth, the perpetrators repeatedly stated “we’re invested closely in dorthy a1. By dorthy a1, they imply the morgellons and their functioning. The morgellon venture is synonymous with the Dorthy AI venture. I’m an harmless sufferer of this venture. My theories have developed solely from my experiences as an harmless sufferer. I’ve had no information of the morgellon system in every other method.

This venture is actual. It isn’t in any method scientifically unfeasible. There are a lot of methods to create a kind of frequency communication analogous to the extra primitive and conventional walkie talkie system. If scientists had, for instance, created a system of communication utilizing micro sized particles, based mostly upon audio frequencies, after which arrange audio system for individuals to listen to this, the demonstration could be simply accepted. The walkie talkie may be very primitive in comparison with the morgellon audio receivers as a result of the latte uncommon composed of a lot smaller particles and that is the current day functionality. In truth, scientists have been finding out nanotechnology for a few years. Among the morgellons might even be nano-sized. A walkie talkie, clearly, might be hand-held however not implanted inside anybody’s physique. The morgellons, however, are so small that they’ve means to be implanted inside an individual’s physique, in order that the “walkie talkie” system really turns into a kind of interface with the implanted particular person’s neural community. On this method, the particular person would not maintain the walkie talkie to their ear, however moderately, the individuals talking from a distance can communicate into the implanted particular person’s morgellon (walkie talkie) receivers, and so they can then transmit, by connecting to the particular person’s neural networks associated to audio, and the implanted particular person then hears individuals, from afar, simply as if the implanted particular person was utilizing a walkie talkie system. The truth that many morgellons are used as receivers permits many a couple of particular person to speak, like a Skype convention name, from a distance, to the implanted particular person. In truth, the small dimension of the morgellon permits implantation of many receivers, and subsequently as many as 1000’s might concurrently be on the opposite finish, from an excellent distance, prepared to speak into the implanted particular person’s morgellon receivers.

The implanted particular person, if utilizing a walkie talkie system, might merely flip off the walkie talkie, and never obtain any transmissions, nevertheless when implanted with a morgellon receiver audio system, the implanted particular person doesn’t have any shut off mechanism, and can’t flip off the transmission.

Most of the people, together with scientists who have not heard of such a system, could also be questioning whether or not this works in actuality. There have been intensive initiatives to review the human neural community, together with mind neural perform. Scholarly articles have been written concerning the power to create a neural lace which is the morgellon receivers interfacing with the human neural community in order that, by frequencies, the receivers make a connection to the human neurons of the mind, particularly audio mind neurons.

Such a system, if used for benevolent functions, might assist an implanted particular person to be taught, for instance. tutors, from an excellent distance, might communicate into the morgellon receivers, through lengthy distance airwave frequencies, and train somebody a international language, or alternatively, train somebody with a developmental incapacity the best way to improve their social abilities. Nuclear vitality, when first found and developed, was most likely envisioned as a benevolent supply; nevertheless, this identical vitality was then used to develop the atom bomb, which introduced on the tragic actuality of Hiroshima. The morgellon receiver system, within the fingers of benevolent non-psychopathic builders, might have been a wonderful discovery, offered that the supplies comprising the morgellons did no hurt to the human physique.

Hypothetically suppose this technique was created by psychopaths. Droop your disbelief for a second completely, and picture the horrendous malevolent capabilities of the morgellon receiver system. Within the fingers of psychopaths, with malevolent intent, the morgellon receiver system turns into an invasion of the human neural community and subsequently the human’s thoughts.; The individuals’ from an excellent distance need to talk into the implanted particular person’s thoughts, through the neural lace, however the particular person receiving has been implanted in opposition to their will and with out their information and consent, and desires to show off the communication however can’t. The psychopath builders and people in league with them, don’t have any code of ethics, no guidelines, and no line drawn within the sand. The psychopaths, from afar, sending audio to the implanted particular person, might then use this technique to verbally torture the implanted particular person, even second by second. The harmless sufferer, on the receiving finish, is catastrophically thrown into an unrelenting prisoner of battle expertise, with torturous statements hurled at them in an ongoing vogue. In the meantime the particular person has to perform in life, and try and cowl the pragmatic requirements comparable to working and protecting shelter over their head.

The world has the Geneva Conference to cowl humane therapy of prisoners throughout battle time. The harmless sufferer of the psychopathic morgellon receiver system has no such safety. ‘The psychopathic perpetrators can torture extensively, in a brutal, inhumane and animalistic method with out regard for any boundaries or safety of the harmless sufferer. The size of the torture might lengthen for a far better time than the sufferer has assets for preventing this indescribably horrific horror. I’ve been preventing this torture for over a yr and ten months, and it has been second by second and ceaseless.

In a world the place the psychopaths don’t have any guidelines or boundaries, whereas but having an excessive amount of monetary assets, a lot of them can maintain excessive energy positions, and whereas showing as residents in good standing, they’ll perpetrate this atrocity in a extremely secretive method. It falls unfairly upon the sufferer to attempt to expose this unlawful crime in opposition to humanity inside a societal ambiance of disbelief. As well as, the harmless sufferer is alone in preventing for his or her sanity and their life. In a world the place this functionality for malevolence is denied, it takes an open thoughts and suspension of disbelief to think about this writing pretty.

The morgellon receiver system, it seems, can perform as greater than an audio system. This has to do with the location of the morgellons inside numerous muscle tissues, and organs of the physique, and in locations correlating with the human nervous system. The truth that the morgellons innervate the nervous system in methods past audio transmit, implies that they’ll have an effect on the human anatomy and physiology in numerous methods. For instance, when perpetrators, from an excellent distance, ship their frequency to the morgellons of the harmless sufferer, typically as an alternative of an audio communication, the morgellons can neural lace with gross muscle and innervate, creating not simply muscle contraction, however moderately extraordinarily intensive muscle cramping that goes a lot past the standard cramp and causes excessive ache to the sufferer. Particularly, the gastrocnemious (calf muscle groups) can contract so severely that this lasts for a superb 10 minutes of agonizing ache. This will result in a necessity for muscle therapeutic that takes as a lot as a month. One other life and demise instance is when morgellons interface with part of the neural community which innervates the neck musculature. as a result of this could create sufficient muscle contraction for the esophagus to tighten and gradual swallowing. The sufferer, in essence, could be ‘choked’ every time the muscle groups contract, and consuming and swallowing turns into an especially hazardous and life threatening scenario. Once more it falls unfairly upon the harmless sufferer to compensate and discover methods to eat as safely as could be had beneath exceeding duress, or to die in opposition to their will.

To date, the knowledge offered should appear moderately unusual and unthinkable to the readers. When an ongoing venture is prime secret, society at massive hasn’t had any publicity to it, and subsequently it appears stunning and very like a Twighlight Zone episode. Nonetheless, with an open thoughts and a non-judgmental angle, the seemingly unimaginable turns into a real non-fiction. The next shall be a speculation concerning the make-up of the morgellon receivers, and it’ll, at first, sound impossible, however as you consider it from a organic viewpoint, it’s greater than possible as a actuality.

The world has turn into very extremely conscious of GMO meals. Nobody questions the fact of the GMO. However in truth, the method of growing a GMO might sound like science fiction or not. Corn is a significant GMO meals in the USA. A simplified description of how corn turned a GMO is that sure chromosomes have been manipulated; chromosomes from a distinct organism have been put into the nucleus of the corn to make it extra pest resistant, and a virus or fungus was used to insert the chromosomes. The virus is what crosses the plasma membrane of the nucleus to permit entry of the chromosomes.

It’s my speculation that the morgellon is much like a GMO. I’m speculating; because the sufferer of morgellons, I shouldn’t have the precise scientific paperwork to learn, so my speculation is my finest estimation as to the make up of morgellons. You might really feel the “Twighlight Zone” impact when the thought of bugs comes into play. Nonetheless, bugs have an excellent means to choose up audio frequencies. Maybe the scientists of the morgellon/DorthyAI venture experimented with transmitting completely different frequencies to varied bugs to establish their receiving capabilities. Suppose the scientists found that sure bugs obtained sound wave frequencies higher than others, after which supposing they wished to extend this functionality even additional. They might have then taken chromosomes from an organism with distinctive audio receiving means after which transferred these into the bugs, GMO type. Now suppose that the scientists envisioned a morgellon receiving system that did not must be handheld, as a walkie talkie; maybe they wished to discover a technique of implanting the insect morgellon receivers into the human physique to create a neural lace with glorious receiving and transmitting capabilities. Since these augmented “GMO like” glorious listening to bugs obtained audio from the scientists, it will possibly turn into extremely plausible that the bugs might additionally transmit this audio to the neurons of the human, in the identical method that human neurons within the ear can decide up sound wave frequencies, subsequently, the human neurons may decide up the sound wave frequencies from the augmented morgellon bugs. Now exists a completely plausible morgellon receiver system through which sound wave frequencies journey from the scientists, from an excellent distance, to the augmented morgellon insect receivers, after which to the implanted human through transmission from the augmented morgellon insect receivers to the human aural neurons. Is that it? Finish of story? Maybe not. It’s possible that the bugs with biggest augmented sound wave receiving means weren’t these which usually might reside inside a human, as everyone seems to be conscious that parasitic bugs do. The parasitic bug feeds off the oxygyn and vitamins from human blood. The augmented morgellon receiver might have had a “GMO type” insertion of chromosomes from one other sort of parasitic insect or organism to present the morgellons the potential of dwelling inside the human tissues; Maybe chromosomal traits for hardiness have been additionally inserted into the nucleus of the morgellon receiver bugs. Now that is a completely new and weird idea for most of the people to soak up, and on the identical time, with an open and neutrality, this turns into very plausible.

Scientists, all world wide, worth the code of ethics pertaining to analysis and experimentation. Within the fingers of such conscientious and accountable people, the augmented morgellon receiver bugs venture would have been examined very intensively to guarantee that no citizen fell sufferer to an unethical and extremely damaging analysis venture. In truth, having studied Psychology analysis, on the graduate stage, I’m extremely accustomed to a complete textual content e-book of analysis ethics. The world, in actual fact, is populated with no less than 90% of people who find themselves non-psychopathic and consider within the thought of “first do no hurt”.

Tragically, nevertheless, about 10% of the inhabitants falls into the psychopathic class and so they maintain no ethics or guidelines concerning their conduct, and their “viewpoint” bombards the boundaries and rights of different residents, and whereas the psychopath is aware of this, from a logical perspective, they do not care and so they will not be stopped of their very own accord. But their means to look as residents in good standing permits them to interact in prime secret experimentation which impacts people, comparable to myself, who shouldn’t have the monetary means nor standing to struggle again simply.

The highest secret augmented morgellon insect receiver venture, aka, Dorthy AI, tragically, has been, and is being perpetrated by the highly effective psychopaths of excessive monetary and standing place. The morgellon receivers, as you might recall, are succesful, not solely of audio transmission, but additionally of making a neural synapse sort interlace with the human muscular neural community, each gross and wonderful motor. Think about these morgellon augmented bugs have been additionally given traits for having the identical actual muscular innervation functionality because the human neurons. Might the morgellon receiver innervators then interface with muscular neurons and create as a lot muscular motion as if the human physiology have been creating this incidence? Sure they might and so they do when they’re in extraordinarily nice numbers. What if the interface of morgellons to human neural networks created a scenario the place the morgellons brought about the neurons to fireplace, inflicting muscular innervation when the human didn’t create this incidence. The morgellon receiver innervators would, in opposition to the individuals will, trigger not solely muscle cramping, but additionally the power to make use of muscle groups for motion. This appears like science fiction.

That is once more the “Twighlight Zone” impact. Why? Nicely definitely as a result of at first studying, this “appears like “Invasion of the Physique Sna’tchers” as a result of everybody is aware of that this by no means actually occurs in actual life.

BUT however, when checked out from a purely non-emotional, non-judgmental, and goal lense, through the bioengineering, epidymiology, physics, and different scientific fields of examine, the reality that this “science-fiction has remodeled into actuality can’t be denied. As acknowledged earlier, I’m an harmless sufferer of the ten% of psychopaths who’ve implanted this augmented morgellon receiver/innervator system inside my physique, in opposition to my will, and for fairly a time, with out my information. I turned absolutely conscious of this as I suffered intense victimization beginning a yr and 10 months in the past. Nonetheless, itt was about 7 years in the past that I famous some morgellons which had come out onto my pores and skin once I was massaging my calf muscle groups.

I’m extremely traumatized and but I push to outlive and performance; my means to get out the door and job search and restart my life in Memphis, TN, does range relying upon the bodily tortures and my diploma of bodily fatigue. I’ve turn into very upset and emotional on account of stress construct up from the perpetrators’ continuous verbal torture, and on the identical time, I’ve discovered that staying very calm, and even typically in a meditative state, does enable me to deal with this atrocity that’s ongoing in opposition to me.

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