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On the 24th December of 2011, Saturday, shani amavasya will fall. This Saturday can be ruled by pushya nakshatra which makes this shani amavasya extra pious and valuable astrologically. Pushya shani amavasya falling within the month of pushya as per hindu calendar is uncommon. This uncommon yoga will probably be shaped this yr on the 24th of December 2011. Shani dev confers prosperity or happiness throughout this “yoga” i.e timeframe. Pushya nakshatra comes after each 27 days, in accordance with hindu calendar, nonetheless, pushya nakshatra falling on shani amavasya within the month of pushya is taken into account very auspicious. Pushya nakshatra offers consequence in accordance with the day it falls.

Reduction from shani sade sati and shani dhaiya

Individuals present process shani sade sati, shani dhaiya or every other important or sub durations of malefic or retrograde saturn can attain reduction by doing cures for shani dosha throughout this shani-pushya “yoga”. They’ll additional ease their issues by respecting shani amavasya puja and performing “daan” throughout this yoga/interval. The affected individual must also do some donation throughout shani-pushya “yoga”. At current w.e.f 15th of November 2011 shani Sade Sati is impacting on the rashi of kanya (virgo), tula (libra) and vrischika (scorpio) and shani dhaiya on karka (most cancers) and meena (pisces) rashi. The individuals of those rashis are suggested to go for the shani dosha cures instantly. Individuals going by way of the primary and sub interval of shani ( shani mahadasha and antardasha) are instructed to conduct the shani amavasya puja and daan in order that quantum of struggling or debt is decreased. It’s common data that sadesati and dhaiya of saturn are liable to harm or hurt. The individual influenced by these durations face a state of misfortune or affliction. However, there are some yogas that helps an individual to get profit from Saturn. Considered one of these yogas is shani-pushya yoga. On this shani-pushya amavasya yoga vamtantra conducts vishist(auspicious) tantrik pujan for the folks.

Shani chaya daan

Historically on at the present time “chaya daan” must be achieved together with different pujas in the direction of lord shani.

Methods to carry out “chaya daan”

Take slightly mustard oil in a bowler metal plate. Place it beneath your cot/mattress in the direction of headside. Within the early morning as you get up earlier than going by way of your morning chores take a look at your reflection within the oil and reward it both to a beggar or at any shani temple. This is called chaya daan. The devine chaya daan not solely advantages the people present process sade sati, shani dhaiya, interval of retrograde saturn however the auspicious chaya daan additionally bestows blessings of lord shani dev to the devotees who carry out the stated puja. Therefore, chaya daan must be carried out by every one with pure serenity and devotion in the direction of lord shani.

Advantage of shani puja and daan

  • Monetary prosperity and stability.
  • To take away debt and poverty.
  • Promotes clean functioning of enterprise.
  • It additionally helps to make beneficial conditions / place.
  • To attenuate the malefic impact of Saturn and protects from any damaging eventuality.

Kaalsarp and pitra dosha

Shani pushya amavasya and daan additionally helps in minimizing the depth from kaalsarp dosha and pitra dosha and retrograde jupiter. The day is regarded pertinent for doing tarpan and shradh for useless mother and father and different kinfolk. Amavasya is perceived to be good day to carry out black magic and evil acts. Amavasya evening supplies the best context and atmosphere during which evil powers are invoked.

Tantrik shani amavasya puja

Tantrik shani amavasya puja is carried out on the evening of pushya amavasya. Tantrik puja is an acute invocation to the shani deva. The principle objective of this tantrik puja is to hunt the assistance of the shani deva in demolishing immorality. Particular shani dev puja by tantra methodology is completed to take away ego and negativeness. Vamtantra conducts particular shani amavasya Tantrik Puja for every particular person to guard the individual affected by power and acute sickness or to keep away from premature dying/ “akaal mrityu”. Vamtantra additionally imparts tantrik mantra on this evening to the people who search to study tantra and for tantra newcomers.

Amavasya for shani rashi and nakshatra ruled folks

This shani-pushya yoga/timeframe may be very uncommon. Folks related to data expertise, jurisdiction, iron, and so on should do particular shani graha puja and nakshatra shanti puja. Folks ought to lit a mustard oil lamp within the night and recite hanuman chalisa. The folks related to work periphery ruled by saturn will certainly get profit by performing this divine puja and daan/charity on the 24th of December 2011. No matter be the zodiac signal people going for shani amavasya puja and daan will get reduction and blessings of lord shani.

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