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Wed. Sep 20th, 2023

After the invention of World Vast Internet the concept behind the expertise has been completely modified. It opens the brand new option to see the world by web. It makes our everyday life simpler in throughout. We will simply function our enterprise globally. We will be a part of a MNC and in a position to earn a living from home simply.

Web1.0: To start with of net the data printed in a static kind effectively designed with the textual content and pictures. The primary options of net w.1.0 are hyper-linking and bookmarking of the online pages. There are some design parts of net 1.0 –

o HTML primarily based Static web page.

o It consists of framesets.

o On-line guestbook.

o HTML kind despatched by e mail.

The time period Web2.0 was first launched by O’Reilly in the course of the brainstorming dialogue MediaLive Worldwide. The data obtainable on this kind is kind of completely different from the previous web1.0. It started in 2002 with new concepts to alternate in addition to share the content material equivalent to Wiki, Weblogs, Widgets, and Tagging and so forth.

Key distinction between web1.0 and web2.0

In Internet 1.0 it is just for learn. However in web2.0 you may specific your self by writing.

The previous was just for company our bodies. And the later is about you and your communities.

In net.20 you not solely work together with website and webmaster you may as well talk with others who entry that web site.

Internet 1.0 was the age of 1 and solely language i.e. HTML net 2.0 is the sector of XML.

Whereas web1.0 was trusted promoting, net 2.0 has been popularized by phrase of mouth.

Beforehand was meant for web site however net 2.0 will not be for website it’s also about blogs.

In Internet 1.0 there was nothing to alternate. All the pieces was about a method. Via the emergence of net 2.0 you may alternate your ideas with different and simply converse with them.

The Internet 3.0 might be outlined as semantic net, personalization like iGoogle, My Yahoo and so forth.

The semantic net is a extra developed extension of WWW. Wit the assistance of this expertise the online content material will be conveyed not solely in type of pure language, but in addition be readable by software program agent which letting them to find, share and assemble data extra simply. The idea comes out from Sir Tim Berners-Lee the director of W3C with the imaginative and prescient to make the online medium for exchanging the information, data information.

Different options of net 3.0

o Will probably be extra moveable and private.

o Extra centered on the preferences of people (Me-onomy).

o Promoting oriented.

o Widgets with drag and drop amenities.

o Dynamic content material.

o Person habits, consumer engagement and so forth.

Although this expertise not but seize the entire net world. It has been spreading out slowly. Some large on-line enterprise homes have began to comply with the usual of net 3.0 few of them are spoke.com, twine.com, wink.com. mybloglog.com, friendfeed.com and so forth.

o Some important options of net 2.0 expertise.

o Clear and Easy design.

o Variety of columns is few.

o Easy navigation which is fastened in each pages of the location.

o Central format.

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