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The main focus of this text is the estimation side of the product backlog. For added details about SCRUM, carry out a Google or YouTube search. There are lots of websites and movies that can present an summary in a small period of time.This text seems at two methods to developing along with your estimates or WAGs from an Agile/SCRUM perspective.

What’s a WAG?

In case your from the UK you would possibly suppose that is an acronym for girlfriends or spouse of well-known soccer gamers (soccer), in software program improvement phrases nevertheless a WAG is an acronym for Wild @$$ Guess.

Estimation Strategies:

Desk High T-Shirt Sizing (S,M,L,XL)

Every backlog merchandise is written on a 3×5 index card and positioned on a desk.

Determine the smallest sized merchandise to behave as the purpose of reference (S).

Group every card, with every corresponding group roughly twice as giant as the primary.

(M = S+S, L = M+M)

Any merchandise bigger than XL is an epic which is simply too giant to estimate.

(These should be re-evaluated and damaged down right into a measurement that may be estimated)

As soon as all objects (playing cards) are positioned into their teams. Factors are assigned to every measurement.

Fibonacci numbers can be utilized or just double, for instance:

Double: S = 1, M = 2, L = 4, XL = 8

Fibonacci: S = 1, M = 3, L = 8, XL = 13

Planning Poker

Every backlog merchandise is mentioned with the taking part crew members.

Every participant has a planning poker card deck.

As soon as the product backlog merchandise has been mentioned, everybody reveals their card..

If the estimates are shut collectively, the upper of the estimate is taken. If there are giant gaps between estimates then the very best and lowest focus on with one another out loud why they suppose their estimate is extra correct.

For distributed groups, there’s software program accessible that can permit this train to happen.


In physics, velocity is the speed of change of place.

In Scrum, velocity is how a lot product backlog effort a crew can deal with in a single dash.

Instance: Product Backlog of 1000 Factors

The crew has burned 300 factors in three sprints.

The rate is 100 factors per dash.

On the present velocity this crew would challenge it will end the remaining 700 factors in 7 sprints.

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