Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021

Not way back, I used to be discussing with a future Assume Tank member his considerations about how training in North America and around the globe isn’t maintaining with expertise, or prepared for the way forward for computer-brain interfaces. This will likely sound like an esoteric subject, nevertheless when you think about the pace of those applied sciences, I’m positive we have already all thought of how sooner or later, your good telephone will probably be nothing greater than a brain-chip with full Web Entry that works together with your natural mind in real-time. Need to ship a thought, simply assume it, take into consideration whom you’d wish to ship this thought to, and it is despatched, put up on social media and you’re finished.

Need to study a brand new subject, no want, you’ve prompt entry to all human info, and it’ll really feel as if it’s all in your personal reminiscence, simply assume a query and viola, you’ve the reply. My assume tank acquaintance famous that we’re a methods off from that future, and if the previous is any indication of how we’d deal with that future, then we’re in large bother. Training is damaged already, and it won’t be able to adapt to one thing that totally different. He famous we have to repair all of the rote memorization instructing, it is not working. And, I’d undergo you that it is going to be even worse sooner or later, in actual fact; why memorize something when you have full-time limitless entry to all the data ever created and saved within the cloud of humanity?

So what he’s saying is that we have now to show folks to THINK, not simply put the scholars in rows, open their skulls and pour info in to them, which is what pedagogy has been for a lot of the twentieth century and now to for lots of this century. I in fact agree. If we combine the brain-chip or implanted info, or entry to all human info in actual time to the mind, it can solely work if the human person has sufficient foresight to ask the appropriate questions, and cross-pollinate the data in an revolutionary and inventive means. That is one thing that people are good at, after they observe it, and as of but, AI computer systems usually are not so good at. Collectively (AI + human brains) it is going to be smarter than both by itself, smarter than at present’s human and smarter than a future AI laptop chip w/prompt entry to all human info thus far and up on all new info in real-time.

The rise in IQ would not matter. Everybody can be tremendous good and retain limitless info within the cloud storage gadget or set of distributive cloud computer systems across the planet. One of the best and most artistic minds would use this info in essentially the most novel methods, ask the most effective questions and have most of these questions answered to pose new ones. The pace of innovation can be so intensive that Ray Kurzweil’s “Singularity” concept can be realized briefly order.

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