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Thu. Nov 30th, 2023

How Retro Textual content Journey Video games are Put Collectively

The principle factor that stands out with textual content journey video games is that they normally don’t have any graphics. The sport world is made up of many places that are described utilizing phrases, though just a few textual content journey video games will show pictures of the placement together with the outline. Taking part in the sport includes typing directions to tell the sport what you need to do. For instance typing “go north” to maneuver to a different location or “get lamp” to choose up a lamp if there may be one at your present location.

The article of the journey sport is to unravel a quest. This may very well be to slay a dragon, rescue a princess, get well an object, or resolve a thriller. The sport acts as your eyes, ears and contact – describing what’s seen in your present location together with any objects you possibly can choose up. As you journey by way of the sport world you’ll come throughout varied puzzles that should be solved earlier than you proceed, together with any risks to beat.

Right here is an instance of a textual content journey sport in motion.

You might be in a forest. A protracted winding highway results in the north and a small cottage stands to the south. To the east, within the distance, is a big cave.

There’s a lamp right here.

What do you need to do?

>get lamp

You now have the lamp.

>mild lamp

There isn’t a oil within the lamp.

So you realize you might be in a forest the place you possibly can see a highway, a cottage and a cave. You may select to go to one of many described areas by typing one thing like “n”, “north” or “go north”. There’s additionally a lamp at this location that you would be able to choose up however if you wish to mild it then it is advisable to discover some oil. This can be a puzzle it is advisable to resolve as a result of you have to the lamp to enter the cave, in any other case it will likely be too darkish to see.

Now allow us to see how textual content journey video games are put collectively.


Like books, textual content journey video games normally begin with a single thought. Think about a village the place individuals are dying as a result of a depraved witch has put a curse on them. The places in your sport world would consist primarily of villages, castles, forests and caves. Now to illustrate that your quest is to achieve the witch’s fortress and kill her so the curse might be lifted. Her fortress can be your ultimate vacation spot within the sport. Perhaps the cursed village may very well be your beginning location. Now you can also make a listing of the places within the sport which would come with one thing like: village1, village2, river, lake, cave1, cave2, clearing, mountain1, mountain2, village tavern, forest and so forth.

If a location covers a bigger space or is a constructing then you possibly can spilt it into sub-locations comparable to east of forest, west of forest, entrance of cave, center of cave, again of cave, tavern kitchen, tavern bar and many others… You additionally want to make sure a location is in sight earlier than you point out it in your location description. For instance you possibly can’t see the tavern kitchen until you enter the tavern first. In fact that is apparent however it’s attainable to make such errors.


To ensure that the participant to maneuver round your sport world it is advisable to join your places collectively. For instance: if you’re within the cursed village and there’s a tavern you need them to go to then it is advisable to inform them which route it’s in. You progress across the sport world utilizing compass instructions that are north, south, east, west, northeast, northwest, southeast and southwest. Some video games even permit up and down.

So with a view to join the places it is advisable to determine what we will see out of your present location. In a village you’ll see a tavern, retailers, a college and a church. Now determine what route they’re in. So to illustrate the tavern is to the north, the varsity is to the south, retailers to the east and the church to the west. Every location in your sport may have a quantity and your checklist of connections would look one thing like this.

Location 01 – Cursed Village

North=Location 01, South=Location 02, West=Location 03, East=Location 04

Location 02 – Tavern

North=Location 05, South=Location 01

Discover there’s a connection again to location 01? At all times ensure you can get again to the earlier location by utilizing the other of the route you used to get there… North to get there and South to get again. East to get there and West to get again.

Some places cannot be accessed till you resolve a puzzle. Within the earlier instance there’s a cave which goes to be darkish. Subsequently it is advisable to get the lamp first, discover some oil after which mild it earlier than you possibly can enter the cave. Different places could also be guarded so that you want a way of eliminating, or getting previous the guard. Creating puzzles to get to some places makes your sport extra fascinating moderately than permitting the participant to get locations simply.


Objects are objects that can be utilized, eaten or worn. Their objective is to help you in your quest and to unravel sure puzzles. Typically objects must be mixed with one another: such because the oil and the lamp to work. Objects are normally present in places ready to be picked up. Some objects are hidden ones till they’re uncovered within the sport. For instance, a crystal ball may be locked in a trunk and can solely seem within the present location when the trunk has been opened.

Think about you wished to get into some constructing and the guard stops you. Perhaps you could find some cash and bribe him. Or perhaps you could find a disguise to put on that may can help you get previous him. Objects can be utilized in limitless methods so as to add puzzles to your sport and make them far more difficult to the participant.

One factor to recollect: Do not make an object too huge or too heavy for the participant to hold and restrict the quantity of things they will carry. Journey video games additionally permit the participant to drop objects they’re carrying to allow them to choose others up. Some journey video games give the objects a weight so what number of objects you possibly can carry is dependent upon the load.


Think about getting into a cave and coming nose to nose with an enormous grizzly bear who needs to eat you. You may’t discover that cave because the bear is obstructing your method so it is advisable to overcome it in some way. Occasions are available three flavours: Excessive Precedence, Low Precedence, and Native.

Excessive Precedence: These occasions occur as quickly because the participant enters a location earlier than they get the prospect to enter any instructions. For instance the bear might kill you as quickly as you enter the cave so it is advisable to do one thing earlier than you enter comparable to have a weapon helpful or be carrying Armour.

Low Precedence: These occasions deal with conditions that proceed has you progress by way of the sport. For instance if you’re getting hungry, thirsty or sleepy, or if you’re injured and shedding blood. These occasions report your standing simply earlier than handing enter management to you.

Native: Occasions that occur at your present location. For instance the bear will not kill you as quickly as you enter the cave, you’re going to get an opportunity to defend your self or to depart the cave. As soon as that bear has been handled the native occasion will state that you simply “see a useless bear” otherwise you “see a sleeping bear”.


This text covers the essential bones of a textual content journey sport and offers sufficient data to get you began in creating one both utilizing a programming language of your selection or a devoted journey creator.

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