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Those that have watched the film “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” could be accustomed to the imagery of bamboo: versatile but agency, delicate but robust. These distinctive qualities make the bamboo match snugly into historical Chinese language philosophy and endow the well being advantages of the bamboo with an air of knowledge and beauty.

Historical past

In China, the extremely revered bamboo displays celestial unity in historical artwork, resembling ethereal work of misty mountains with bamboo leaves, delicate bamboo weavings and bamboo baskets.

The energy of bamboo is obvious when the fury of the atomic bomb unleashed at Hiroshima and Nagasaki throughout World Conflict Two solely broken bamboo marginally. It was additionally one of many first crops to reappear after the lethal conflict, thus occupying a particular place within the hearts of the Japanese. Guests to Japan shall be charmed by the melodious sound of nature when a breeze rustles by way of bamboo-made wind chimes.

In Hawaii, the place bamboo is called “ohe”, bamboo crafts have been elevated to an artwork, with intricate designs of delicate tapa stamps carved from break up bamboo.

Earlier than the invention of wheels, bamboo offered stout shafts for carrying baskets woven from bamboo fibres, therefore revealing its vast spectrum of makes use of.


Bamboo has robust survival abilities. Like grass, it grows quickly and is ready to propagate by itself. Like wooden, it’s robust and could be discovered all through the world. Though bamboo solely wants minimal water to maintain itself, as little as 20 inches of rainfall for some species, most giant bamboos develop faster when uncovered to full daylight.

Rising profusely in poverty-ridden and resource-scare areas, bamboo is sort of a present to humanity, giving essentially the most of itself throughout its brief lifespan of some years.

The peak of bamboo varies from 30cm dwarf crops to hovering timber bamboos of over 40m.

Bamboos are categorised based on the kind of roots. Runners, which belong primarily to tropical bamboos, unfold exuberantly whereas clumpers, which belong to temperate bamboos, broaden slowly from the unique planting. There are additionally root programs that mix the 2 varieties.

Bamboo leaves are available in a big selection. There are tender velvety leaves, leaves with saw-toothed edges and leaves with tiny wisps of hair-like adornments across the bases of the stems and culm (stem) sheaths.

Well being Notes

Bamboo, an important component in Conventional Chinese language Drugs, has a temperament that ranges from gentle to cooling. So though particular well being advantages differ based on the assorted elements and flavours of the bamboo, usually, bamboo is ready to assist detoxify, repel bugs, get rid of heatiness, clear phlegm, curb vomiting, restore vitality and quench thirst. Small surprise then that the bamboo is the panda’s favorite. In reality, with loads of crude protein, bamboo can be used steadily as animal fodder.

Bel’Air’s inexperienced bamboo important oil is the results of complete analysis. From the joints of bamboo stems, a helpful essence often called bamboo sil is extracted. It accommodates ample quantities of silice, which is a wealthy retailer of calcium. After aromatherapy with inexperienced bamboo important oil, calcium could be replenished and bones could be strengthened. This modern important oil can even alleviate previous age issues resembling backache and rheumatism, in addition to improve calcium contents in kids and youngsters, therefore boosting their progress.

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