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Thu. Sep 14th, 2023

We’ve looked for the “Fountain of Youth” for lifetimes. We have heard tales that inform of a mystical spring that grants everlasting youth and vitality to all who drink from it. It is the stuff of fairytales. Or is it?

Bodily longevity is a scorching subject nowadays. You examine varied applied sciences which supply new and believable strategies akin to regenerative medication, bio-technological advances, and stem cell analysis, that maintain the promise of elevated life spans as we seek for methods to turn out to be immortal.

Dr. Patrick Dixon explains in his presentation titled Biotech/Genetic Revolution: Influence on Training and Ageing, that in America alone there are 75,000 individuals over the age of 100 and there are applied sciences able to growing that quantity to over 140,000 inside the subsequent 5 or 6 years. These medical advances have already been used to restore an individual’s mind after a stroke and to restore one’s spinal wire utilizing one’s personal tissue.

Our concept of adolescence was once “until 18,” however now it may be upwards to 30 years outdated or extra. Many people who’ve youngsters know this to be true. Our youngsters come residence at 33 with the laundry in tow when issues do not work out. Persons are ready longer to have youngsters, typically even into their 40’s. The truth is, biologically, we’re 10 years youthful than our mother and father have been on the identical age, and the concept of “staying younger without end” is changing into increasingly actual.

However why is the idea of bodily immortality so seductive? Why do individuals wish to reside without end? In all probability, to allow them to proceed to expertise the world and all of the pleasures it has to supply. Nevertheless, the knowledge of Kabbalah explains that there are everlasting pleasures ready for us, and in reality, we would not have to increase the lifetime of our bodily our bodies to be able to expertise them.

The Path to Eternity

Kabbalah is known as the “knowledge of the hidden” as a result of it discloses the a part of actuality that’s hidden from our 5 senses. All through historical past, scientific analysis and developments have at all times come from our want to know what’s hidden from our 5 senses. However the scientific analysis has solely expanded the vary of our senses by way of devices like x-ray machines and telescopes, but none of those applied sciences have truly researched one thing past the notion of the 5 senses.

Allegorically talking, man is sort of a “black field,” which feels, understands and perceives solely what enters it via its 5 “openings.” Therefore, in all our investigations, we’re restricted by our 5 senses. And the entire exterior devices which we construct, or which we’re to construct sooner or later, can’t escape the constraints of the 5 senses. Thus, to be able to understand past our 5 senses, we’ve to discover ways to create a brand new “opening” inside the field, or in less complicated phrases, how you can develop a brand new sense.

Kabbalists clarify that each particular person has the power to develop a way that is ready to understand a broader, complete realm of actuality, past time and area. We could confer with it as “the soul,” however in reality, it really works identical to another sense, solely on a better stage of consciousness, past that which pertains to our bodily physique.

After we start to really feel ourselves via the soul, we are going to notice that we actually needn’t seek for methods to make our our bodies reside without end. By way of the soul, we hook up with the everlasting move of life, and expertise pleasures and sensations which might be infinitely better than the world of our 5 senses.

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