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Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

Compound bows have taken a flip to new expertise that tremendously reduces the quantity of leap and hand shock the bow has when shot. This new expertise known as vertical limb expertise.

In earlier variations of the compound bow the limbs the place set in order that when the bow was fired the limbs would shoot ahead, this labored nicely apart from the leap of the bow, in addition to the hand shock throughout the riser of the bow. As a way to appropriate for this numerous totally different gear was made to be able to try to dampen the shock.

Bowtech was the primary to give you this new vertical drive expertise, in 2003 they launched 3 compound bows that includes this new expertise. The VFT Excessive, Patriot VFT, Patriot Dually VFT. This new expertise was an enormous hit, bow hunters and archers throughout had been amazed and fascinated at how a lot this new expertise lowered bow leap and hand shock after the bow had been fired.

This new expertise was such successful that the entire different bow firm’s began following go well with, and began implementing the “Vertical Pressure Expertise”. This new expertise was applied by angling the riser limb pockets at extra of a horizontal airplane, this allowed the limbs to sit down at extra of a horizontal airplane. VFT works on the premise that when the bow is drawn the limbs are compressed in a downward movement as a substitute of the outdated backwards movement.

When the bow is launched as a substitute of the limbs taking pictures ahead, the higher limbs goes up and the decrease limb goes down. As a result of these limbs are the identical they each retailer the identical vitality, which makes them equal opposing forces which when it comes to physics implies that these two forces would cancel one another out. As a result of the forces are equal and cancel one another out your bow doesn’t pull up or down, and now not jumps ahead. That is science is what retains your bow nonetheless and reduces the quantity of leap and hand shock you’re feeling.

In case you are nonetheless taking pictures the outdated fashion of compound bow, and you haven’t a minimum of tried the distinction that this VFT expertise brings to the desk I’d encourage you to go and provides one a attempt, I can guarantee you that you’ll not consider the distinction that it makes. That is positively one thing to remember when buying a brand new or used bow.

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