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Tue. Nov 28th, 2023

At a World Summit Assembly of Science in 1979 held on the Worldwide Centre for Theoretical Physics in Trieste, China’s most extremely awarded physicist, Kun Huang, agreed with the director of the Australian Science-Artwork Analysis Centre in Australia, that trendy physics had no capability to embrace life vitality forces because it may solely handled mechanistic logic.

Classical Greek life science had been primarily based upon the Golden Imply geometries related to the harmonic motion of the Pythagorean Music of the Spheres idea. Celestial motion was additionally thought to make use of the forces of harmonic resonance to transmit evolutionary steerage info to the motion of atoms inside organic programs. Huang instructed that by observing evolutionary patterning adjustments to the assorted Golden Imply designs recorded within the worlds seashell fossil document, it is perhaps attainable to infer the character of the brand new life vitality physics legal guidelines.

Through the Nineteen Eighties the Science-Artwork Centre had a number of seashell life vitality papers revealed by Italy’s main scientific journal, Il Nouvo Cimento. In 1990 two of them have been chosen as being amongst the vital discoveries of the twentieth Century by IEEE in Washington. This institute is devoted to the betterment of the human situation and is the world’s largest technical skilled society. The Centre’s mathematician, generated the simulation of a dwelling seashell creature. By reducing the components’s harmonic order, he generated the creature’s 20 million yr outdated fossil ancestor. By reducing the order by a lesser harmonic he obtained the simulation of the fossil, Niponites Mirabilis, changing into the primary individual on this planet to hyperlink that fossil to any dwelling creature.

In 1995 the seashell arithmetic received an internationally peer reviewed first prize in biology for the invention of recent physics legal guidelines governing optimum organic progress and improvement via area time, validating Kun Huang’s authentic premise. Not too long ago it was found that the primary bone created within the human embryo is the sphenoid bone and that it was presently altering its form beneath the affect of the identical physics forces controlling seashell evolution. The sphenoid, recognized in Alchemy as Golden Imply is in vibrational contact with the ocean shell design of the internal ear. Niponites Mirabilis was designed to maintain the creature upright in water and the design of the internal ear retains people upright on the land. The Science-Artwork Centre is now engaged on a undertaking to generate a futuristic human survival simulation as a way to deduce the character of recent human survival applied sciences.

From the humanoid sphenoid fossil document, we will observe that every time it adjustments form a brand new species of humanoid emerges. By operating the Music of the Spheres life-forces via the humanoid fossil document it ought to be attainable to generate a twenty million yr human survival situation. This imaginative and prescient of humanity’s futuristic wholesome future would supply a dependable template from which to acquire the brand new survival expertise. Such expertise can be related to a fractal logic course of which capabilities in defiance of the physics legal guidelines governing the current scientific world view.

The ethical cause that such a fractal life science ought to be developed is that through the use of the Classical Greek fractal logic, it’s attainable to generate wholesome organic progress and improvement via area time. Makes an attempt to do that through the use of the current life vitality science can solely outcome within the technology of organic distortions. It may be thought-about that our current understanding of life science accommodates cancerous logic.

Dr Richard Merrick on the College of Texas has used the Classical Greek Music of the Spheres’ life science to elucidate, in nice organic element, the fractal vitality foundation of inventive thought. NASA has revealed papers arguing that the traditional Greek life science was primarily based upon fractal logic. The engineer Buckminster Fuller, in his e-book Utopia or Oblivion argued that until science is reunited with that historical world view then civilisation can not survive. The present international scientific most cancers might be prevented from going terminal. Fuller’s work as been employed to rewrite Chemistry as the premise of a brand new medical life science.

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