Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

Technologically man has made large developments. From humble beginnings final century with the Industrial Revolution now we have come to the stage the place now we have invented and constructed so many devices that our very existence is threatened by them, just like the atomic bomb.

We can not deny that know-how has improved the standard of our lives immeasurably. A journey to wherever on the globe now takes merely a couple of hours by airplane, whereas it might have taken a few years to take action earlier than. We talk with each other with elevated ease and effectivity. All it takes is the urgent on a couple of buttons and we’re in a position to speak to anybody virtually wherever on this planet. A flick of the tv swap offers us information, sports activities, and leisure in wonderful shade. Trendy strategies of cooking don’t depart soiled messes behind. For the much more lazy ones, fast-foods are all the time accessible, some twenty 4 hours a day.

Trendy computer systems have infiltrated into all elements of enterprise, governments and even at house. Metropolis site visitors can be computer-controlled. So it’s too with many different issues the place computer systems are just about indispensable. Laptop breakdown means additionally the breakdown of no matter system it controls. The pc has grow to be virtually omnipotent. Such is our dependence on it.

In warfare, our technological experience has given us super-efficient weapons. As a substitute of swords and spears, we now have machine-guns, warmth in search of missiles, cruise missiles, jet-fighters and different instruments of homicide and mayhem. Our skill to kill and destroy is horrifying. We have now grow to be so {powerful} that the opportunity of killing ourselves fully may be very actual certainly.

It’s within the gentle of this risk of self-annihilation that we suddently discover ourselves most susceptible and wanting. Whereas we go about creating for ourselves hundreds of thousands of devices to satisfy our fancies now we have uncared for our primary self. We are able to make machine weapons that fireside a thousand rounds a minute however we don’t take accountability for our creation. So these weapons fall within the arms of terrorists and war-mongers. What’s the consequence? Dying and destruction on an unprecedented scale now ravage the folks of this earth. Few are courageous sufficient to face as much as oppose this scourge. Producers make income from weapons. Armies use them to destroy each other however hardly anyone does something to cease it.

We let our creations run riot. Within the identify of sophistication, creed and faith we plunder each other with probably the most {powerful} weapons accessible. We kill harmless folks with out batting an eyelid. Morally we are not any higher than dumb animals.

Within the quick span of the primary eighty years of this century, now we have had two world wars and innumerable different wars. Hundreds of thousands have died in consequence. But the wars go on, unabated. Some males stood up in opposition to this insanity however, like many others earlier than them, had been assassinated, pushed apart or just forgotten. So the vast majority of us, together with the so-called world leaders as we speak, stay quiet and let the violence proceed. Some even aggressively perpetuate it.

Industrialization has introduced us many advantages. It has additionally caused environmental tragedies. Air-pollution, sea-pollution, acid-rain and different types of threats might sooner or later overwhelm our very existence. But few of those polluters are prepared to withstand actuality and do one thing concrete to finish the air pollution. They’re extra occupied with making a revenue. They don’t wish to spend their ‘hard-earned’ cash to wash up the setting. Let another person do the soiled job. Such is their ethical accountability.

In different areas too there are crimes dedicated in opposition to ourselves and mom earth. We reclaim land from the ocean, degree mountains and blast one another to smithereens. We have no idea methods to reside peacefully and harmoniously with each other. No person desires to be chargeable for that. We have now no ethical braveness. Einstein as soon as mentioned that now we have ‘a perfection of means, however a confusion of ends’. We’re able to nice wonders, however we have no idea methods to wield such capabilities accountability.

So we proceed in our confusion, commit all types of crimes and blaming each other for them. It’s excessive time that we assume accountability for our actions, strengthen our ethical braveness and make the world an exquisite place to reside in.

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