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Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

The recorded historical past of the Historical Chinese language civilization chronicles a world deluge that destroyed all cities and villages at sea stage. All continents have indigenous mythologies describing a flood of types protecting the Earth’s lowlands round 2300 B.C. The geological proof exhibits that the floor of the Earth was completely submerged beneath sea stage after the destruction of Raysheeth. These waters receded and fashioned the Grand Canyon, the Amazon, the Mississippi, and so forth. The flood didn’t cowl your entire floor of the Earth, nevertheless it did scar the Sphinx, stuffed Loch Ness, and worn out many historical civilizations together with the Mayans and Egyptians. The Angelic and Hybrid Civilizations had been largely positioned in coastal areas, close to river mouths. These had been sea faring nations at warfare with one another with many ports alongside the coastal waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The proof of those cultures is strewn throughout the globe. Large Olmec heads are scattered all through the Central American isthmus. These colossal stone heads vary from 4 toes to 12 toes in circumference, the most important weighing an estimated 25 tons.

There have been seventeen discovered to this date and are largely positioned at sea stage. Deities dominated the unique Olmec tradition and their large offspring performed a type of basketball performed on stone courts fabricated by Giants. They seem in stone carrying the helmets worn to play the violent and quick paced sport. These large stable basalt rocks had been hewn from quarries on the summits of the Tuxtlas Mountains the place the magma was uncovered because the plates crashed into one another on the finish of Raysheeth. Archeologists theorize that it could have taken as much as 1500 males over a number of months to move the heads over land and on rafts, Genesis means that one Angel or a number of Giants may have achieved it in sooner or later.

This civilization in addition to the unique Mayas had been worn out with the flood of Genesis. Lesser clever highlanders immigrated down into the cities after the flood. Quetzalcoatl, a flood hero, who introduced them mythologies and applied sciences past their understanding and based the primary new Mayan civilization after the flood. He based the primary their first civilization and faith and subsequent civilizations advanced utilizing the astronomical agrarian cycles and folks tales handed all the way down to them by every tribe’s delegated Priest, Shaman, and Historian.

Data was energy and these Males initially managed the development of society. They’d to assist the bewildered folks to know what had simply occurred to the Earth and in flip, grew to become highly effective dictators of fact swayed by the Energy of Darkness to rewrite historical past and declare “Authentic Civilization” standing. It’s straightforward to see how they may declare that their ancestors constructed these Pyramids and that they’ve divine rule in that they had been descendant of Gods. This meant whole energy of the plenty.

The antediluvian sea stage was considerably decrease earlier than the Flood of Noah. Historical civilizations believed that the mountains supported the sky in that they had been past their attain. These remoted cultures had been saved separated by these mountain ranges so their authentic identities and mythologies had been preserved. The releasing of the floodgates mixed with the rising subterranean reservoirs would destroy the entire nice civilizations inhabiting the Earth at the moment. They’d be swept away to fall into the depths of the abyss by the tsunami-like impact of the billions of gallons of receding recent and salt water. The Mayan civilization was swept away; the Historical Greeks had been swept away. The hydraulic scars on the sphinx are proof that the Historical Egyptians had been swept away as nicely. Each nice antediluvian civilization was destroyed by the waves of water falling and rising, then flowing again into the abyss. All that was left had been the Neolithic ruins we’re in awe of to today. The destruction of a technologically superior civilization and the sinking of a continent are unbelievable in themselves. We hypothesize that they occurred concurrently.

This rationalization makes extra sense than the present Mayan Extinction Speculation: They vanished. It makes full sense within the matrix of mythologies that these superior cultures had been instantaneously and concurrently eradicated leaving solely their supernaturally impressed structure and their astronomically vital alignments for all humanity to ponder. We take a look at these artifacts immediately and marvel how all of this stuff had been achieved so way back.

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