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Fri. Nov 24th, 2023

Straightforward ID / FOCUS and Drivers License Scanning

Simply get Title, tackle, and different pertinent info.

Honeywell and Metrologic have teamed to create an attention-grabbing new product package to perform that job. The EASY ID package has the power to scan the State Drivers License, and pull actually something you need out of it. EASY ID is the software program for making sense of the formatted drivers license and is kitted with Firmware being part of the FOCUS scanner. This package or firmware is the place the magic is.

Studying and scanning the Drivers License 2D bar code has been attainable for some time, if the license bar code shouldn’t be encrypted, but it surely required numerous programming updates and assist in software program to maintain up with the ever altering bar code format. Eighteen states really comply with a specification for Drivers License. For these eighteen states, this is able to not be an enormous situation, that’s until these states determine so as to add one thing or change one thing. For many of the different 32 states, the place the license additionally consists of the PDF417 bar code, there isn’t a specification adopted. Honeywell engineers have made the dedication to keep up the altering specification in many of the states. This replace performed by sending out a file to EASY ID, that via the MS1690 or MK1690 FOCUS Scanner and EASY ID Package, simply should be uploaded.

Configuring the Focus scanner with EASY ID is a snap. There are literally 2 methods to configure the EASY ID and the FOCUS. A method is thru a handbook that comes with the unit. This works properly, however is typical in that when you set the unit up with scans you have to scan it once more to vary the configuration or to roll it out to different places. The opposite manner is preferable and far simpler utilizing Metroset. Metroset is a program that lets you choose and select your delimiters for the info and fields from this system visually. After deciding on what you need, you possibly can then print a configuration bar code that may be scanned at any time to setup or configure the EASY ID/FOCUS package.

Makes use of for this product may embody New Membership, Conference Entry, Hospital Admittance, and Age Verification. The hospital admittance course of could be much more attention-grabbing by including a digicam, zebra hc100 wristband printer, Straightforward ID Package, and software program. One other utility may log each entry into an institution that requires age verification. It might be logged as to cross fail, and verify expired license and applicable age. Oh we did that logging app by the way in which simply to check the unit, and the scanner made it easy.

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